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What kinds of gift boxes are available

Issuing time:2019-03-28 10:32

As the appearance ofaestheticized products, gift packaging boxes are more and more widely used inelectronic products, food, medicine, gifts and other aspects in the market. Itsexquisite appearance has driven the development of many industries. Packaginggift boxes are mainly divided into several categories by material: wooden giftboxes, paper gift boxes, leather gift boxes, tin gift boxes, plastic giftboxes, etc.

1, solid wood packing gift box, basically have ju wood, rowanwood, cherry wood to wait at present, this is more commonly used, it is a fewhigh archives annatto additionally, be like Vietnamese yellow beautiful pear,acerbic branch, Brazilian beautiful pear, small leaf sandalwood, chicken wingwood, black walnut to wait, these basically are a few high archives annatto,use at making of high archives packing box.

2, density board packaging gift box, mainly refers to the coreof the gift box usin density board, outside post real wood or PVC, and then onthe paint, some can also directly on the solid color paint without post, thiskind of packaging gift box is completely smooth, no pattern.

3, leather packaging box: mainly used for gifts, wine and other high-end packaging;

4. Plastic packaging boxes: exquisite boxes made of PET, PP, PVC and other environment friendly plastic sheets, including color boxes with offsetUV printing, silk screen printing and ordinary white boxes.

In a word, there are many kinds of gift boxes. All the boxesused to pack products are called packing boxes. It is an important part of theproduct, it not only plays a protective role in the transport process, but alsodirectly related to the comprehensive quality of the product.