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The significance of packaging design

Issuing time:2019-03-06 10:58

Packaging to appeal to the situation, to communicate for the purpose of design!

In gift packaging design emphasizes on the style of a natural, healthy, kind, plain and the aesthetic consciousness of environmental protection, as a gift packaging

design,not just confined to circulate on the market, shelves and display, can better

involved in people's social relationship and life detail, gifts have emotional communication, hands spread characteristics, all of these different packaging "one-off" commonly used features,need to have an intriguing connotation, the charm of

refreshing, more humanized design become the key.Gift packaging takes "affection" as its appeal point, "communication" as the purpose of design, and the integration of product content and design form to enhance the taste of "gift".

As far as its culture is concerned, the gift packaging can be reflected from two

aspects. Second, gift packaging design in the selection of packaging materials, natural materials to convey a "strong, simple" friendship, "natural, harmonious cultural